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Wednesday: Retcon

Hey there! I'm besottedly, and I'm your host for this week.

Today's theme is retcon. Retcon is a shortening of the term "retroactive continuity". Insert something completely new into the history, or just rewrite history to serve your own purposes. Think AU without throwing everything to the wind. A change to one small thing might make a world of difference. You can read more about retcon and find examples of it in the retcon TV Tropes article.

Please keep the rules in mind:
- You may prompt no more than 5 prompts at a time. Only three of these prompts may be for the same fandom. If someone answers your prompt, feel free to prompt again.
- Please don't use spoilers in your prompt for up to one week after the original air/publication date. If there are spoilers in the fic, please note it in bold and leave several lines before you begin.
- Format your prompts correctly for everyone's sanity.


Star Trek (2009), Amanda & Spock, The teleportation process was far enough along that Amanda isn't dead, her data is just stuck in the ship's computer
Torchwood, Jack, His Time Agent wrist watch works sometimes



Mar. 17th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
Final Fantasy 8, Seifer/Squall, Seifer betrayed Ultimecia
May. 24th, 2010 06:44 am (UTC)
Seifer turned his blade at the last possible second before he felt the edge of Squall's weapon bite into his stomach. He grunted and grinned in relief. The feel of that witch's control was slipping enough that he could control his body again but that didn't mean anything. Not yet.

Just because he regained his motor control didn't mean Puberty Boy won this fight, this war. There was more to it than that but at least Seifer could actually do something besides watch everything happen from inside his own mind.

Damn, he hated that--the feeling of being helpless, of being useless. He couldn't do shit. Even the words that left his lips weren't the ones he wanted to say. He much rather just proclaim how hairy Ultimecia's ass was but dammit, what happened in D-District was the straw that broke the chocobo.

What he did to Squall then was the reason why he tried to fight back. What he was doing--the shit he was performing for Ultimecia, supposedly?--in the name of all things Knightly? Hyne, it was fucked up bullshit. All of it.

It was his dream torn into pieces and burned into ashes before his eyes. This so-called Knight role was nothing he thought he wanted.

No, what he wanted was to see Ultimecia dead and defeated and Puberty Boy would do just that. All Seifer had to do was make sure Ice Princess had a chance and to keep pulling his punches.

The less damaged he inflicted on Squall and gang, the less they had to worry about themselves when they finally gave that Bitch what she justly deserved.

And who said, he couldn't be a martyr every once in a while? Or that he could plan?

It wasn't about him anymore, or what would happen to him when the fallout of this Time Compression bull hit everyone. It wouldn't be pretty but Hyne be damned, at least he could admit to himself (and probably only to himself), that he didn't damn the world to hell just for some stupid romantic dream.
May. 24th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks. I love seeing prompts filled when I forgot making them!


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