08 December 2013 @ 11:16 am
Welcome Sunday  
If this is your first time at comment_fic on Sunday, you can either post a previous prompt, or fill one. Or both!

How to do this:

If you're looking for a prompt to fill, you can rummage around in http://previous.delicious.com/commentfic. Likewise, you can use that to search for prompts you'd like to see filled. Alternately, you can go through the archive posts for good prompts!

Whichever you decide to do, prompt or fill (or both!), please remember:

1. You can only request five prompts to be filled.
2. You can request no more than three prompts from a particular fandom.
3. You can, however, fill as many prompts as you'd like!
4. In the subject line, be sure to say whether this is a request or a fill!
5. Be sure to link back to whatever the prompt is (whether filling or requesting it be filled), and, if you're filling the prompt, please complete the fill as a response to the original prompt.
6. If you are filling an "any/any" prompt, please let us know what fandom (or, if original, say so!) you're using for the response.
7. Finally - if you filled any lonely prompts earlier this week, this is the place to share them!

How to link:

[a href="http://comment-fic.livejournal.com/139897.html?thread=30155641#t30155641">Burn Notice, Sam/Michael/Fi, "It's always been you. And it's always gonna be you"[/a]
(change the brackets to "<" and ">" respectively)


Burn Notice, Sam/Michael/Fi, "It's always been you. And it's always gonna be you"

Have fun!
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Re: Fill
Thank you!
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