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Friday Free for All

Happy Friday everyone!

You know what friday means! It's free for all day. Any pairing, fandom, any anything.

AU, canon, unusual pairings, crossovers, kinky, straight, het, gen, porn, slash, crackity crack, superheroes, mpreg, angsty-angst, break ups, make ups, name it, it goes here!

Please to be remembering the rules. NO SPOILERS IN THE PROMPT for at least a week after airing/publication. If the fic response contains spoilers, please warn and leave at least 3 to 5 empty lines before starting the fic.

No more than five prompts in a row (give others a chance to prompt too), no more than 3 per fandom. You can always come back and prompt more after yours have been answered.

Please remember to be kind to you code monkeys (who work hard at a job that is time consuming) and code your prompts properly (fandom, pairing, prompt).


Supernatural, John/Ellen, secrets
RPS, Sam Ferris/Jeffrey Dean Morgan, stop thinking so damn much
SG1/SGA, Daniel/Ronon, pretty when you cry

As always, if nothing here strikes your fancy, head on over to the delicious archives and find you something yummy to chew on.

Have fun y'all.
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