raggedy_edge (darling_lisa) wrote in comment_fic,

Friday Free For All

Sorry about the delay in today's post going up, I'm pinch hitting today due to technical difficulties. So here we go... :D

It's finally friday... and you know what that means? It's free for all day. Any pairing, fandom, any prompt your heart desires!

Just a few quick rules before you begin... please, NO spoilers in prompts for at least one week after airing. Also, if your response contains spoilers, please warn for them and leave at least 3 empty lines before starting your fic.

Also, to make sure everyone gets a chance to prompt... no more than five prompts in a row, no more than 3 per fandom. You can always come back and prompt more after yours have been answered.

Please remember to be kind to you code monkeys (who work hard at a job that is time consuming) and code your prompts properly (fandom, pairing, prompt).


Leverage, Eliot/Parker/Eliot, "There can be only one"
RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Steve Carlson, cry me a river
Supernatural/RPS, Dean Winchester/Ewan McGregor, another freaking Trickster?!?

As always, if nothing here strikes your fancy, head on over to our Lonely prompt delicious archives and find you something yummy to chew on.

And with that... happy prompting!

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