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Friday Free For All

Sorry about the delay in today's post going up, I'm pinch hitting today due to technical difficulties. So here we go... :D

It's finally friday... and you know what that means? It's free for all day. Any pairing, fandom, any prompt your heart desires!

Just a few quick rules before you begin... please, NO spoilers in prompts for at least one week after airing. Also, if your response contains spoilers, please warn for them and leave at least 3 empty lines before starting your fic.

Also, to make sure everyone gets a chance to prompt... no more than five prompts in a row, no more than 3 per fandom. You can always come back and prompt more after yours have been answered.

Please remember to be kind to you code monkeys (who work hard at a job that is time consuming) and code your prompts properly (fandom, pairing, prompt).


Leverage, Eliot/Parker/Eliot, "There can be only one"
RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Steve Carlson, cry me a river
Supernatural/RPS, Dean Winchester/Ewan McGregor, another freaking Trickster?!?

As always, if nothing here strikes your fancy, head on over to our Lonely prompt delicious archives and find you something yummy to chew on.

And with that... happy prompting!


Dec. 4th, 2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
Supernatural, Castiel/Crowley, secrets and lies
Apr. 11th, 2010 11:55 pm (UTC)
Did someone say "angst"?
In the end, it is not Crowley that lies and keeps secrets.

He's entirely honest about anything and everything. All of Castiel's questions, spoken or unspoken, he answers with absolute truth, and when he pulls Castiel down towards his sheets and undresses him with nimble fingers, all the words he speaks are amongst the most honest things he's ever said.

Instead, it is Castiel who lies and deceives, misdirects and keeps his secrets where he thinks Crowley can never reach. It's a fairly beautiful thing to see, in a bittersweet way; the way the lies slide so naturally past his lips, like he was made to be a liar.

"I think I might be falling in love with you," Crowley murmurs, smiling as he kisses Castiel's temple softly, after another of their little "meetings."

Castiel turns then, to look him in the eye, and he looks confused, undecided. "I don't know how I feel about you," he admits.

And Crowley smiles, because while Castiel is a wonderful liar, he is a far better one, and lying to him is a useless endeavor. Castiel knows exactly how he feels, and he feels nothing for these moments between them, except for maybe liking the physical release.

"Well, I suppose I'll have to be patient then," Crowley says, lets his hand stroke through Castiel's rumpled hair, down his cheeks, his throat, his side. Castiel, eyes half-lidded, arches into his touches, and leans in when Crowley comes close for a kiss.

Castiel lies about everything between them, from his feelings, to his body's reaction, to why he's doing any of it in the first place. Perhaps he thinks Crowley would not aid him and the Winchester brothers if he didn't have a reason, perhaps he has some deeper reason Crowley cannot even guess at.

In the end, Crowley doesn't particularly care about Castiel's reasons. A good man might have, and a good man would probably have called Castiel's bluff a long time ago, setting the angel free.

But Crowley is not a good man, and he is telling the truth when he says that he's in love with Castiel.

And so he lets the angel kiss him hard enough to bruise and bear down upon him until they're both drowning in his expensive egyptian cotton sheets. Because he'll take whatever he can get, even if it's all lies.
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:05 am (UTC)
Re: Did someone say "angst"?
Sorry I took a while to respond! Stupid broken computer, keeping me away from this, grumble grumble.

Oh Crowley! This was so deliciously painful. It would fit in so well with the canon, Cas willing to do anything, Crowley falling for the angel. Ahhh, I love this!

Thanks for feeding my cracky pairing addictions this!
Apr. 16th, 2010 12:23 am (UTC)
Oh look! Icon twins! XD
I'm really glad you liked my mad little scribblings. :D

And thank you for providing a prompt and the incentive for me to write it! I've been wanting to write some Crowley/Castiel, but I sort of suck at motivating myself to actually do it. XD;;


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