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Trinity Day

Thursday - By the Numbers

trinityday here, wrapping up my week as guest host. For my last day, the theme is going to be by the numbers

Firsts and lasts have their places, but second times, fifth times, three-hundred and twelfth times... they can be fun too. Second dates might not be as disastrous. The fourth time they have sex might be when it actually clicks. There's counting. Math. 3.14. 24601. 42.

For the sake of our code monkeys, please remember not to go crazy and to limit yourself to 5 prompts in a row, with only 3 of those in the same fandom. If your original prompts get answered, then feel free to leave some more later in the day.

Spoilers are not allowed in your prompts until a week (7 days) has passed from the original air date. If there are spoilers in your fic, warn people by bolding and leaving at least 3 spaces.

Also, please thank your fic provider. Not only is it the nice thing to do, but it often helps encourage them to write even more.

Please make sure you format your prompts correctly, the last being for crossovers:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Barbossa, ten years dead
Dark Angel, Alec/Rachel, with her he feels like he's more than just a number
Life on Mars/Doctor Who, Sam Tyler/The Doctor, living in two time periods

If none of today's prompts catch your eye, check out the Lonely Prompts over at delicious.


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