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Request for help: LP Sorting Monkeys

Hey guys! I still need just a little more help...

I understand the holidays are coming up, and if you volunteer, we can be completely flexible as to your traveling etc. But if you're going to be able to help at all, and can definitely volunteer after the holidays, please let me know!

I'm actually going to need two people on Sundays and starting after Dec. 18th one person on Fridays.
ETA: I've got the person for Fridays and one person for Sundays. I still need one more person on Sundays please!
SON OF ETA: I've had a person switch from Friday to Sundays, so I'll need a coder for Fridays please!

You'll be required to sort through all your assigned tags or tag bundles looking for completed prompts, change tags, and add completed prompts to a list for posting later. The work is very easy, but can be a little time consuming.

If you're interested, please comment or PM me with your email address so that I can contact you with more information. (Also, if you've already PMed me, I think LJ ate it in its recent stupidity - I've been having problems receiving notifications from LJ. Please message me again!)

Thanks guys, and don't forget to tune in for our upcoming contest!
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