that which cannot be seen (tresa_cho) wrote in comment_fic,
that which cannot be seen

Friendly Reminder

Next week is going to be our QUARTERLY CHALLENGE *epic music in background*

Saturday is going to be a Lonely Prompt Day, Sunday will be a Free for All, and then, starting Monday, you will be competing for various daily prizes, and, of course, the grand prize of most prompts written during the course of the week.

There will be a prize of 2 months paid LJ time for the winners of each day, and there will be a prize of 6 months paid LJ time, or the equivalent value (in the event the winner has a permanent account) for the grand finalist. You will be competing for:

Monday Prize: Ye Golden Oldie (oldest prompts filled)
Tuesday Prize: Cross-Fandom Writer (most prompts filled across the most fandoms)
Wednesday Prize: Loyal Pairing Writer (most prompts filled for one pairing)
Thursday Prize: Loyal Fandom Writer (most filled prompts in one fandom)
Friday Prize: Themed Genius (most prompts filled in one theme)

and, obviously:

Week Prize: Grand Prize (most prompts filled)

Look forward to it! I know I am. *glee*
Tags: !challenge, !lonely prompts

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