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Friday Free-For-All

Heya, folks, seasons greetings and all that crap. It be Friday, so we get some room to play today! The sky is the limit, as it were, except for a few rules we need to just remind y'all about:

NO spoilers in prompts for at least one week after airing. Also, if your response contains spoilers, please warn for them and leave at least 3 empty lines before starting your fic.

Also, to make sure everyone gets a chance to prompt... no more than five prompts in a row, no more than 3 per fandom. You can always come back and prompt more after yours have been answered.

Please remember to be kind to you code monkeys (who work hard at a job that is time consuming) and code your prompts properly (fandom, pairing, prompt).


Numb3rs, Colby/Charlie, The first time Colby called him "Professor"

Criminal Minds/Leverage, Reid/Eliot, "It's getting hot in here..."

Don't see anything that whets your appetite? Check out our lonely prompts archive here on delicious for some amazing ideas that just haven't been given homes yet.

Also, gird your loins, because next week is the start of yet another Quarterly Year Challenge, where we give you no prompts but instead offer lovely prizes to get you to write some of the prompts piling up in our archives.

Ready? Prompt!

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