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Special Sunday Free For All

Good Morning Comment Fic Folks!

Today is a special Free For All Day. Tomorrow we'll kick off our big lonely prompts contest, so we thought we'd give you a go at prompting like crazy today.

Any prompt, any pairing, any fandom.

Please remember the rules, no more than 3 prompts in one fandom, nor more than five prompts in a row (we all want a chance to play) and if some of yours get answered, feel free to prompt again.

Please no spoilers in the prompts themselves for at least a week after air/publication date and if the fic itself has spoilers, please warn at the top of the comment and leave three to five spaces before you start the fic.

Please remember to format your prompts properly so our hard working code monkeys can code out indexes.


Leverage, Nate/Eliot, hiding out
RPS, JDM/Samantha Ferris, desperate

Supernatural/Buffy, Dean/Faith, five by five

Remember that we start five days of Lonely Prompts Challenge tomorrow with daily prizes and one large overall prize for the most prompts written in the course of the week!

Tags: prompts: free for all

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