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Quarterly Challenge: Monday - Ye Golden Oldie

It is that time of year again, time to deck the halls and cut down innocent trees in the primes of their lives, and eat tofurkey, and light things on fire (like candles, and not cookies). It is also time for our Quarterly Challenge Week.

Today's Lonely Prompt theme is going to be Ye Golden Oldies. The writer who consistently fills the oldest prompts will win today. Just to clarify, I will give an example. Say I write one prompt from September 1946 and four prompts from December 14, 2009, and amara_m writes three prompts from October 1946. She would still win because she wrote the most oldest prompts.

No new prompts are being accepted today.

So traipse through our wonderful, extensive collection of lonely prompts and grab one, two, a few, twenty... however many your loving heart can handle. Dig deep for those oldies that are shivering in the cold, just waiting for you. Then, post them here so that we can count them. Remember to use the proper format while posting:

Fandom, Character/Character, Prompt,

Example: SG-1, Jack/Daniel, follow me,

It would be super awesome if you all could keep your responses to as few comments as possible. You can also number your filled prompts, or reply to your own comments to keep things organised. And remember, the contest runs from midnight PDT to midnight PDT, so only prompts written during that time will be accepted.

Lonely Prompts by Genre:

Lonely: Crossovers
Lonely: Action
Lonely: Comedy
Lonely: Comics
Lonely: Crime
Lonely: Drama
Lonely: Fantasy
Lonely: Games
Lonely: Horror
Lonely: Japanese Media
Lonely: Literature and Plays
Lonely: Medical
Lonely: Mystery
Lonely: Mythology
Lonely: RPF/S
Lonely: SciFi
Lonely: Sports
Lonely: Spy

Go, go, go! Let's see those prompts!
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