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Special Fandom Announcement

This is not something we usually do, but this was a special occasion.

As most of you undoubtedly know, Haiti was hit on Tuesday by its worst earthquake in 200 years. The capital city of Port-au-Prince was leveled, and the people are struggling, still pulling people from demolished buildings.

Fandom has pulled together to create help_haiti. The community is a fandom auction, where all of the proceeds go directly to charities like the Red Cross who will use it to fund recovery efforts in Haiti.

I encourage all of you to head over there and take a look. Do you have a fic idea that you just cannot get started/finished? Want someone to write fanfiction from your original characters? Need help with physics or math? There is something for everyone over there, and it's for a good cause.

Also, if you offer, I would like if you posted your thread here so that we can look through them and see what's up for bidding. I myself have quite a few threads over there.

Isn't this illegal? Copyrights and all that?

No, it is not illegal because the authors of the fic do not see the money. The money goes right to a charity, therefore the author is not receiving compensation for a work of fandom.

I'm flat broke. I can't even afford to scrape gum off my shoe. What can I do?

If you're like me, and are so broke that tomorrow's lunch looks like it may be old newspapers and water, you can still help. You can promote the comm by reposting on your personal LJ, or you can offer things to be bought by other fandomers. You can also get involved by helping organize links in the master posts, and scrolling through to make sure there are no misplaced comments anywhere in the comm. Just spreading the word is helpful enough. :D

I don't see my fandom. Can I make a request for something?

Yes. Here is the requests post. If your fandom is so tiny that it isn't getting any love, check here.

If you guys are keeping tabs on specialty fandoms, leave a link here to make it easier. There is a compilation of fandoms on the main comm, but things get missed and the more eyes on the posts the easier it is to find things.

Master List (Beta Offers) Because it's not like I had enough to do already... @_@
List of DCU and slash offers
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