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Comm Announcement

Your mods have been noodling, and we think we've come up with a plan! *insert evil laughter here*

No, really, don't run away! I was kidding...sort of.

Seriously, we've been thinking about ways to make this even more fun, and to reward folks for playing in our sandbox and at the same time reduce the number of Lonely Prompts floating out in the abyss.

So, starting with next weekend, every second weekend of the month will be "Adopt a Lonely Prompt" weekend. From midnight on Saturday to midnight on Sunday (for the sake of record we'll work on PST since that's my time zone and I'm making the announcement! *sticks out tongue*) no new prompts will be accepted.

And, to sweeten the pot the person who adopts the most lonely prompts during those hours will win a prize. Two months of paid LJ time will go to the winner and their name will be listed in our Honor Roll. The mods reserve the right to casually toss out other rewards too, like First Lonely Prompt adopted during the time frame, or Oldest Lonely Prompt adopted, we decide.

Also in the works in another contest type of thing that will happen once every three months. We're still working out the details on that though, so keep an eye open for more information.

**Special Request**

Attention all you Graphics people out there. We are currently in need of some graphics assistance, for banners (we'd love to have rotating banners), pimping graphics, and prizes/badges/icons. If you have crazy mad skills and a little time to help your mods out, please make contact with our Head Code Monkey, havenward.

Thank you guys so very much for making this comm a huge success! Please feel free to pimp out the comm to folks in fandoms that are under-represented or not represented at all. The more the merrier.
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