MissTeague (demonlord_dean) wrote in comment_fic,

Montag - Candy World

Hello, I'm demonlord_dean  [Bad username: demonlord_dean] and I'll be your host this week.

Let's start with something sweet to make us all feel better during this long winter.

Today, you can prompt anything that has to do with candies and all the sweet goodies of this world.

Maybe someone has a well-known sweet tooth or is just a little dork muffin. Get creative as much as you like!


Please remember the following rules:


Please post only 3 prompts per fandom and only up to 5 prompts in a row. As soon as one of your prompts has been answered, you can prompt anew.


No spoilers in prompts for at least seven days after the original airdate or publication date. If you have spoilers in your fic, please warn in bold and leave at least three spaces.


Please be kind to the codemonkeys and use the following format:


X-Men, Pyro/Iceman, dork muffin

Sky High/X-Men, Warren Peace/Pyro, birthday cake


If none of the posted prompts interest you, feel free to check out Lonely Prompts. the 




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