Emmie Psyko (justapieceofme) wrote in comment_fic,
Emmie Psyko

Monday at comment_fic: NO RPS

Yeaux! I'm justapieceofme and I'll be your guest host for the week.

And now for something completely different, today will be NO RPS DAY at comment_fic.

Speculating about our favorite celebrities is fun, but today it's time to play with fictional characters.

Please be kind to the Code Monkeys and remember the posting format: Your Fandom or Crossover, Your Pairing, Your prompt. One prompt per comment.


Queer As Folk, Brian/Justin, anger, regret & redemption

Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, may angels lead you in

More than one writer can respond to a prompt. You may leave more than one prompt, and you can answer your own prompts.
Tags: fandoms: battlestar galactica, fandoms: being human, fandoms: bones, fandoms: boondock saints, fandoms: btvs/ats, fandoms: burn notice, fandoms: chuck, fandoms: criminal minds, fandoms: csi, fandoms: dark angel, fandoms: doctor who, fandoms: firefly, fandoms: forever knight, fandoms: harry potter, fandoms: leverage, fandoms: lotr, fandoms: merlin, fandoms: ncis, fandoms: numb3rs, fandoms: pysch, fandoms: reaper, fandoms: smallville, fandoms: stargate atlantis, fandoms: stargate sg-1, fandoms: the sentinel, fandoms: torchwood, fandoms: x-files, prompts: authors choice, prompts: femme, prompts: heroes, prompts: het, prompts: misc, prompts: original, prompts: slash, prompts: supernatural

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