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Monday — Outside POV!

Hello, friends! I’m canonisrelative and I’m excited to be your host this week! I decided to put together a list of my favorite tropes to use as themes, and today's is outside POV. Pick your favorite interpretation of that: a side character figuring out the MC’s big secret? An OC or getting a glimpse of your OTP in an intimate moment? Up to you!

Just a few rules:
No more than five prompts in a row.
No more than three prompts in the same fandom.
Use the character's full names and fandom's full name for ease adding to the Lonely Prompts spreadsheet.
No spoilers in prompts for a month after airing, or use the spoiler cut option found here.
If your fill contains spoilers, warn and leave plenty of space, or use the above mentioned spoiler cut.

Prompts should be formatted as follows: [Use the character's full names and fandom's full name]
Fandom, Character +/ Character, Prompt

Some examples to get the ball rolling...

+ Star Trek The Original Series movies, Leonard McCoy + James T Kirk/Spock, After carrying Spock’s katra, McCoy has new insight into Kirk and Spock’s relationship.

+ Supernatural, any of the people who’ve encountered the Winchesters over the years, Trying to explain what happened to their family or friends? Running into Sam and Dean again years later? Being more prepared the next time they encounter a ghost?

+ The Beatles, Anyone connected to the band or an OC, Watching John and Paul goof around like idiots and suddenly the switch flips and they’re writing a song.

+ Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky Barnes, out in public overhearing normal people talking about Captain America.

We are now using AO3 to bookmark filled prompts. If you fill a prompt and post it to AO3 please add it to the Bite Sized Bits of Fic from 2021 collection. See further notes on this new option here.

Not feeling any of today’s prompts? Check out the just created Lonely Prompts Spreadsheet. For more recent prompts to write, you can also use LJ’s advanced search options to limit keyword results to only comments in this community.

While the Lonely Prompts Spreadsheet and LJ's advanced search options are available, bookmarking the links of prompts you like might work better for searching for in the future.

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