andrea_deer (andrea_deer) wrote in comment_fic,

Monday: Staying Outside

Hello there! My name is andrea_deer and I will be your host this week. I hope you will enjoy the flight.

First theme is : staying outside. Because it's cold outside and it's a good time to remind ourselves what kind of hot and warm action can go on on the beautiful outside. This is time to prompt for sex in the woods, snogging on the meadow and confessing love on the top of the mountain. But also roadtrips, long walks, snow fights, trips and being kicked out of the house. Going out is the key ^_~

Remember you are free to post up to 5 prompts at a time and not more than 3 per one fandom. You can add more once your prompts had been answered! Also remember to use the ‘fandom, characters, prompt’ format.

Have fun!

Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel, fighting for riding a shot-gun

HIMYM, Marshal/Lily, Let's go out tonight!

X-Files, Mulder/author's choice, watching the stars


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