andrea_deer (andrea_deer) wrote in comment_fic,

Tuesday - Short Dialouge (Speak fast, life's short!)

Hi again!
Since I'm a great fan of dialouges in fics and I usually first think of dialouges when planning a fic, I wanted to convince you to write some great dialouges today! I know for sure there are conversations you think your characters need to have and that you think some of your beloved characters need to hear a few words on some subject!
Smart-ass answers, qitty comeback and chick-flick conversations about feelings! Let's talk it out!

Remember you are free to post up to 5 prompts at a time and not more than 3 per one fandom. You can add more once your prompts had been answered! Also remember to use the ‘fandom, characters, prompt’ format.

Have fun!

Supernatural, Sam/Gabriel, three most important words: i need candy

X-Files, Mulder/Krycek, for the hundreth time, I did not kill your father

CW RPS, Jared/Misha, how to propose in 140 signs


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