Liv. (darkmagic_luvr) wrote in comment_fic,

Monday: Song Titles

Hello, hello, this is darkmagic_luvr as your guest host for this week. It's practically midnight where I am, so let the week begin!

To start us off this week, today's theme is song titles. Not lyrics, titles.

Rules are rules, you can prompt 5 times in a row, but no more than 3 per fandom - however, you can always prompt again once your original prompts start getting answered.

Please respect the Code Monkeys by commenting in the correct, easy to understand format beginning with fandom(s), followed by a character or pairing and ending with the prompt, like so.

Merlin/Firefly, Arthur/River, Endlessly, She Said

Supernatural/Firefly, evil!Sam/triggered!River, I Can't Take It

Dark Angel, Max/Alec, Kiss With A Fist

If we've got nothing to strike your fancy, there are always Lonely Prompts waiting for love.

Have fun!


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