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Tuesday - Angels & Demons

Hey guys! I'm just pinch hitting for today (don't mean to step on your toes, justapieceofme, but we needed something up!) so I'm stealing a good idea from the original month of comment porn.

So the theme for today is Angels & Demons. This can be literal, utilizing characters that are actually (or have been made into actual) angels and demons. It can be a step sideways, where a character has wings, or horns and a tail. Have something more metaphorical? Go for it!

When leaving prompts, please remember to be kind to your friendly neighborhood Code Monkeys and format your prompts appropriately!

RPS, winged!Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, fingertips

Supernatural/Leverage, demon!Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer, a dark alley

Nothing piquing your interest? Please check out the list of Lonely Prompts! (And remember boys and girls, this weekend will be the first Lonely Prompts contest, so stay tuned!)
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