chibifukurou (chibifukurou) wrote in comment_fic,

Mittwoch - 3 Sentences

Hi, I'm chibifukurou   and I'm not  your host for this week and I sorry  if I'm stepping on anyone's toes by posting but its 3:40 EST and this weeks host hasn't posted, so I'm posting an old standby theme.

Today's theme is 3 Sentences.

Any fandom any prompt just make sure that your fic is only three sentences long.

Make sure to use the correct format:
Star Wars, Anakin, Sith
Merlin/Harry Potter, Harry/Merlin, Wizards

Please be kind to our codemonkeys only three prompts per fandom, and only five prompts. If one of them is filled, you can go ahead and post another. Play fair!

And if you don't see anything that you like, you can always go through our Lonely Prompts

Again, I'm sorry for the lateness of the post, but let the ficage begin!



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