Amara (ravensword) wrote in comment_fic,

Modly Post of Modliness

And now, I interupt your regular weekly week with this bit of business:

First thing is, I would like you to welcome a new Mod: cyphersushi

With welcoming her into our bunker, we need to do a little shake up and so, I give you the new Modly line up and what each of our Mods are responsible for:

havenward is our Head Code Monkey, she keeps all of our volunteer code monkeys in line and keeps track of who is doing what.
tresa_cho is our Contest Countess, she makes contest posts and coordinates art and such.
cyphersushi is stepping in as our new Calendar Wench. She will be in charge of Guest Host scheduling, reminding our hosts, making sure they have posting access, etc.
monica_catch22 will be taking up new duties as the Mod Wrangler, making sure WE post when we're supposed to.
badfalcon is our ad hoc Mod, who steps in to cover guest host failure, or when one of us can't meet one of our obligations.

And then there's me, amara_m. Kinda sitting pretty at the top telling y'all what to do. I make final decisions and take all the credit.

Take a minute and comment and welcome our new host, thank the rest for their hard work. If not for them we would not have this fun, wonderful sandbox to play in.

If you have questions, please PM the appropriate mod or email the comm at

And one other piece of business, we need Code Monkeys. From havenward:

We also still need volunteers for coding. Namely two people. One for regular coding on Thursdays. This means you'll be adding all new prompts for your assigned day in to the Delicious archives and adding tags. The other is for lonely prompt sorting on Fridays. This means you'll sort through all your assigned prompts looking for completed ones, change tags, and add data to a list for me to post from. Both tasks are easy, but can be time consuming.

If you're interested, please PM havenward with your email address as well as which day you'd like to help out on. Remember, we can't keep the archives running without enough people!

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