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We control the horizontal and the vertical....... except for when we totally don't...

Hey guys. Sliding in here since amara_m is at work to reassure those of you who can get into the comm at all that the comm is still here, and that some people have had functionality. The issue is not with the comm itself (so far as we know) and is tied to the database dysfunctions that LJ as a whole is currently experiencing. We have done nothing to change the style/layout of the comm, and the comm will not display (for me at least) even in the "my format" option.
ETA: It totally shows up in my f-list now though. Perhaps try accessing that way? Maybe?

Check out this post which says:
I wanted to give you an update as to all the frustrating problems we've been experiencing in the last 3 to 4 weeks. If you've received timeouts, blank pages or journals, comment threads or individual entries not loading at all -- or not looking like they should (i.e., without style sheets) when they *finally* do load -- then this will be of interest to you.

The cause is basically, simplistically, an overloaded database server. Here's what we plan to do about it within the next 5-7 days:

1. Speed up the way our user information is pulled out of the database.
2. Out of the 10 servers where we store our data, the first one is really struggling to keep up with the demands on it, we plan to move some of the users on that first server around so that the requests for information are spread around better.

Even if your journal, or the journal you are trying to look at is on a different server, we're all still affected because everyone has to wait in line for their turn to get to their server, only now the entire line is backed up.

It seems that they're moving stuff around in an effort to mitigate the issue, and this combined with having to "wait in line" is what lets it work or not work for some people.

I personally can't get in to read CF either.

So please, be patient. We're stuck in this as much as you are. And please pass this information on - we've got nothing but this post and word of mouth to try and set people at ease...

If anyone has any other information, feel free to PM the mods.

ETA: The problems are intermittent, but I'm hearing that the only comm people are having problems with right now is this one. So if the problem persists to tomorrow morning, I (or one of the other mods) will submit a ticket to verify this is only regarding LJ's database issues. We'll wait this long because LJ knows it's having issues right now, and I want to make sure we've given them a feasible amount of time to affect something.

From what I understand, worst case scenario is the page doesn't load. Up from that, the layout barring the sidebar and the entries will load. Some people can view it in their f-lists, or in "my style". Some people can access/leave comments, most cannot from any access point or style.

If you have any other issues, please PM me so we can pass this on should we leave a ticket.
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