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More technical difficulties being difficult

Early this evening I rejoiced... I and several other people had full, unhindered functionality on the comm. There were no problems with accessing it at its page, with the proper layout, viewing any and all comments and making comments...

... And now it's crashed again...

However what this says to me is that it is associated to the ongoing database fail keeping some people from their journals and, intermittently, other comms. I wish that we could do more than apologize and ask you to check back.

Again, if you feel this is otherwise, if you're having issues other than the ones mentioned in the previous post, please PM one of the mods.

In the meantime, the basic LJ structure still seems to be functioning, so hosts should be able to make their posts. If you cannot, please contact cyphersushi ASAP so we can get things figured out. We will do our best to keep as much of the comm running during all of this.
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