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Guest Host Sign-Up

Who wants to be a guest host - redux!

So, welcome to the new and slightly modified post for volunteering to be a guest host. I am cyphersushi aka The Calender Wench.

As you all probably know by now most weeks a Guest Host takes the responsibility to post fun themes for us to play with Monday to Thursday. The theme can be posted at anytime between midnight and 9 am PST (That means between 9am and 6 pm for those in CET (ie Europe)). This time has been decided on to give the most people the longest time to play in the community. If you for some reason can't get a post up in that time period just let me know and I am sure we can work something out somehow.

Now, this is how volunteering works: just reply to this post answering these three simple questions:

Who: (That would be your LJ-name)
When: (The week you want, can also be "next available". To see which weeks are already spoken for go to the calender)
What: (The four themes you want to post, this is so we won't have similar themes two weeks in a row)

Example: Who: cyphersushi When: April 19th-22nd What: Crack, RPS, AUs, Three sentences

Easy peasy. Now, usually I use LJ-mail to communicate with the guest hosts so if you for some reason don't use it let me know I and I will e-mail instead.

Now, that should be easy enough but if you need to ask me anything just send me an LJ-message or e-mail me at
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