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Mercoledì - Lost Days

shiny_glor_chan back again with another theme. Today's theme is 'Lost Days.' Ever have something fade to black in canon? Was there ever a missing scene you wish you could see? Have you ever thought you'd love to see how a character grew up because it's just not in canon? That's what today's for! Prompt the scenes happened off-stage/screen/page or were just heavily implied or even what you think happened in between scenes. Take the theme as you will.

Please remember the rules. No more than five prompts in a row, no more than three per fandom. Come on back and prompt more once yours have been answered. No spoilers in the prompts, and if your story has spoilers, please warn and leave at least three spaces before starting the story.

For the sake of Our Code Monkeys, please leave your prompt properly. For example:

DCU, Jason Todd/Talia Al Ghul, after finding out about not being avenged, he went back to her for help

DCU, Jason Todd/Cheyenne Freemont, what happened after they met in NW:OYL and she pulled the line she uses before she slept with Dick ("Please, no last names.")

DCU/Marvel, Steph Brown/Kate Bishop, what Steph was really doing during OYL

If nothing ends up being your thing today, there's always lots of Lonely Prompts that could use some loving. <3

Have fun!


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