that which cannot be seen (tresa_cho) wrote in comment_fic,
that which cannot be seen

Quarterly Contest Winnars

Hello! With the help of our wonderful counter monkeys we've determined the winners from the last quarterly contest. They are as follows:

Monday: Fandom Pioneer: hobbit_eyes with 6 prompts written from fandoms older than 100 years

Tuesday: AU Fester: entropynchaos with 11 prompts written in 11 alternate verses

Wednesday: Cross Fandom Extraordinaire: tigriswolf with 18 prompts written in 18 fandoms

Thursday: Character Harem Owner: daria234 with 8 prompts using 15 characters

Friday: Crossover Whiz: hunters_retreat with 20 crossover prompts filled

The winner of the entire week, with a smashing 85 prompts filled in four days, is


Congrats to all the winners!
Tags: !challenge, !lonely prompts, !quarterly contest

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