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Monday: Fusions

Hi, I'm beth_soprano and I'm your guest host for this week!

The theme for today is fusions. Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite character from one fandom was placed in another fandom? Let's see!


You can leave up to five prompts, with no more than three prompts per fandom. If your prompt is filled, you can leave another prompt.

No spoilers in your prompts until a week after the original material has been released. If your fic contains spoilers, leave a warning in bold and three spaces at the top of your comment.

Please format your prompt correctly! (Our code monkeys like their sanity :D)

Format examples:

Sanctuary, Kate/Will, Star Wars
Leverage, Parker, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Star Trek TOS, Number One, Doctor Who

Don't forget to check out the lonely prompts if none of today's prompts catch your eyes.

Have fun!


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