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Tuesday - Technology

Hey, guys!  It's your lovable host monica_catch22 with today's theme of Technology.

Now, this can be the woes of the internet being down, your computer just not working quite right... or this can be techno-joy for our favorite hackers or thieves, or whatever you want to put.

Now, just a reminder of the rules and to play nice:

Just remember, only three prompts in each fandom and five prompts in a row. If one of your prompts get answered you can prompt again.

In these finale-filled times be sure to remember to not post spoilery prompts before a week has passed and if you have spoilers in your fic warn accordingly.  Post in bold at the beginning and leave space for those who don't want to be spoiled to skip down.

Please, for the love of our codemonkeys, post your prompts correctly.  Use the following format: 

Criminal Minds, Garcia, TechnoJoy

Leverage/White Collar, Eliot/Neal, "What the hell did you do to my computer?"

See nothing that catches your interest?  Take a glance through our Lonely Prompts section HERE.


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