Sooz (cyphersushi) wrote in comment_fic,

Wednesday - Historical

Greetings fellow ficcers, cyphersushi here again with todays theme. Today we go historical, transport the characters to a past time, send them to a museum, write a regency!AU or maybe stone age fic is your thing? Let your imagination run wild but remember to keep to the rules:

* No more than three prompts from one fandom
* No more than five prompts in a row
* Keep spoilers out of the prompts until a week after air-date
* If your prompts get answered feel free to leave new ones
* Have fun and be nice! Remember to thank you ficprovider should your prompt get answered!

Format your prompts like this to keep out codemonkeys from going insan(er).
Star Trek XI, Kirk+Spock, "We appear to be in one of the Earth's early periods, Captain, that is a pterodactyl"

Leverage/Sherlock Holmes, Sophie/Irene Adler, Petticoats and perfumes


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