not crazy cause i take the right pills (roguewords) wrote in comment_fic,
not crazy cause i take the right pills

Thursday - Capers and Casefiles

For my last act, today we'll have capers and casefiles. If your fandom involves cases, capers or casefiles then feel free to leave your prompt!

Fandoms might include: Supernatural, Bones, House, NCIS, Leverage, Homicide: Life on the Street, Law & Order, or any other fandom that falls into these catergories.

Remember to help out the codemonkeys and code your prompts correctly.

--NCIS, Abby/Tony, spending time in the lab
--Bones, Brennan/Booth, handcuffs

Feel free to answer any prompt, even your own.
If none of these promps catch your liking, feel free to take up one of the lonely prompts instead.
Tags: fandoms: bones, fandoms: btvs/ats, fandoms: burn notice, fandoms: chuck, fandoms: criminal minds, fandoms: csi, fandoms: leverage, fandoms: ncis, fandoms: numb3rs, fandoms: pysch, prompts: crossovers

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