monica_catch22 (monica_catch22) wrote in comment_fic,

Friday - Free-For-All

Hey, guys!  It's that time of the week for you to let your imaginations go wild with no restraints, other than keeping it legal... and possibly bending a few laws (*winkwink*).  As always, you only need to follow the rules: 

No spoilers in your prompts for at least one week after publication/air date.

If there are spoilers in your story, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.

No more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 prompts per fandom. If one of your prompts is answered, you can prompt again.

Respect our awesome code monkeys, and follow the standard format with your prompts. Like so:

Burn Notice, Michael/author's choice, standing on the edge

White Collar/Leverage, Neal/Eliot, playtime

If you don't see any prompts that tickle your fancy, please take a gander at our lonely prompts section here.



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