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Yom Shlishi - Gen/Adventure Stories

Once again, I'm ryuutchi and welcome to the EST edition of comment_fic, and the second day of my totally amazing theme set. Today's theme is "Gen Adventure Stories". We like to pair characters off a lot, so today is dedicated to all of our favorite characters just having awesome buddy adventures!

Please remember to format your prompts like so:
Leverage, Sophie and Parker, teaching her how to fly
Tru Blood, Sookie and Tara, the first time she realized Sookie was psychic
Marvel, Jessica Jones and Carol Danvers, taking down drug dealers feels better than Jess remembered
Young Avengers, Kate and Cassie, they're still friends even if they're on different teams.

You should know the rules by now, but if you don't, here they are:
  • No more than three prompts per fandom.

  • No more than five prompts at a time, though after you get one or more of your prompts filled, you are free to leave more.

  • No spoilers in your prompts until a week after air date or publication.

  • Warn for spoilers in your fic in bold and with at least three spaces above your fic.

  • If there's nothing here that catches your eye, feel free to go though our Lonely Prompts


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