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Tuesday - AU Day

It's AU day today.

Any fandom can be chosen - Merlin, Marvel comics, SGA and SG1, Torchwood, Leverage...even RPS/F - and fic can be slash, femslash or het. All you have to do is chose a fandom (or maybe even a crossover), a pairing and a prompt. Maybe your prompt could be another occupation for the characters you choose? Or maybe you want to send your thieves and conmen into space, or put your Lt Colonels into the White House? What about Prince Arthur as a member of a prestigious law firm, or Chris Kane: porn star? Maybe you could ask for one tiny thing to be changed in canon - maybe Rodney never fell for Jennifer, or Dean made it out of Hell a little more evil.

Basically, let your imaginations run wild!

Please code your prompts correctly, though, and please only leave one prompt per comment. Your talented codemonkeys do have a hell of a job to do. Please leave your prompts like this:

--Leverage, Nate/Eliot, running from the Alliance
--RPF, Jensen Ackles/Eliza Dushku, Greenpeace activists

You can leave as many prompts as you want, answer as many as you want - and more than one person can answer a prompt. You can even write your own!
However, if you don't see anything you'd fancy writing from today, please, head on over to the Lonely Prompts page and see what you can give a home to over there.

Have fun!
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