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Monday - Families

*waves* all the way from Scotland! I'm sexycazzy , your host for this week. -smile-

Today's theme is all about families. But not just any family, your prompt must include a character's CANON family, for example in Supernatural, Sam & Dean might be brothers but they start to fall in love or in Stargate Atlantis, John introduces Ronon to his brother, Dave or in White Collar, Peter takes Neal home to meet his wife. Families can be extended to step-families, cousins, aunties/uncles etc.

Examples for formatting your prompts:

White Collar, Peter/Elizabeth + Neal, Peter takes Neal home to meet his wife for the first time.

Stargate Atlantis, John/Ronon + Dave, John introduces his boyfriend to his brother, Dave.

Supernatural/One Tree Hill, Sam/Dean & Lucas/Nathan, exchanging stories on 'brotherly love'

And here's a quick reminder of the rules:

-No more than three prompts per fandom.

-No more than five prompts at a time, though after you get one or more of your prompts filled, you are free to leave more.

-No spoilers in your prompts until a week after air date or publication.

-Warn for spoilers in your fic in bold and with at least three spaces above your fic.

Have fun!

Oh, before I forget, if this doesn't take your fancy, why not check out Lonely Prompts?

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