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Montag: Outsider Point of View

Hello, I am smaragdbird and I’m your guesthost for this week 

We’re going to start this week with a favourite theme of mine: Outsider Point of View which means hat writers will be writing from the POV of someone who is not one of the primary characters/pairing.

You can also leave the choice which character’s point of view you want to see up to the writer

Please think about our wonderful and endlessly hardworking codemonkeys and use the correct format:

X-Men, Bobby/John, Logan’s POV

And for crossovers:

Supernatural/Angel, Dean/Lindsey, John’s POV

Just don’t forget the rules:

-be nice and respectful to each other

-No more than three prompts per fandom.

-No more than five prompts at a time, though after you get one or more of your prompts filled, you are free to leave more.

-No spoilers in your prompts until a week after air date or publication.

-Warn for spoilers in your fic in bold and with at least three spaces above your fic.

-Have fun!

Oh and if you don’t see anything that sparks your interest today, we have a whole delicious archive filled with lonely prompts who are waiting to be written.

Now enough of the text, let’s go prompting ;)

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