Havenward (havenward) wrote in comment_fic,

Just a little bit of business

The week is almost half over! It's not time for more completed prompts yet, but I just wanted to slide in with a little business anyway.

First, I still need 2 people for sorting lonely prompts. One on Sundays and one on Fridays. You'll look through all your assigned prompts, change tags, and add data to a list for me to post from. The work is easy, but can be time consuming. Please help us out! Leave a comment or PM me with your email address for more details.

Second, I just wanted to let you know that you may encounter a few issues when viewing prompts from certain older themes. If you are led to a page that says you do not have access to a prompt, it is not because we, as a community, have locked any posts. It's because a member (or members) who made those posts deleted their accounts, and chose the option to delete all posts to communities when they did. Unfortunately for us, that means there's no way to reinstate those posts.

Feel free to message me either by a comment here or by PM about any prompts on Delicious that come up that way. Please include the whole prompt and the theme tag. We're working on removing them, but it may take time.
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