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Monday Oct 11, 2010 - Only speech

Good morning, y'all! My name is jlsigman, and I'm your guest hostess for the week. I hope I don't suck. :-p

Today's prompt is: ONLY SPEECH. That means it's only talky words today. No descriptions, no he said she said, just the words that make things happen.

As always, please keep the following few rules in mind:
- No more than five prompts in a row, and no more than three per fandom. Remember, as soon as someone takes on one of your prompts, you can pop another.
- No spoilers in your prompts for at least seven days after air; if there are spoilers in your fic, warn in bold in the subject line and leave at least three spaces.
- As a former codeslinger, I beg you to please do be kind to our codemonkeys and format your prompts correctly, like so:

Devil May Cry, Dante/Trish, "It works in the movies!"
Final Fantasy X, Tidus/Yuna, sing for me
Final Fantasy VII, Aerith/Zack, the long distance bills are worth it



Oct. 11th, 2010 12:13 pm (UTC)
Nikita, Nikita/Michael, "You have to stop calling me."
Jan. 23rd, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
Nikita, Nikita/Michael, "You have to stop calling me."
"Hiiii Michael."

"You have to stop calling me."

"But you're such a nice guy and you said you wanted to stay friends."

"This isn't a joke. Do you think they won't find you're doing this?"

"I'm encrypted, you're encrypted, we're doubled up on protection - like all the teen PSAs suggest when in doubt."

"This is - What do you want?"

"How's your leg?"

"My leg?"

"The one that got shot. Or the other one, if you want to tell me about it."

"It was a through-and-through, I'm fine. Fast enough to catch you."

"Hah, I don't think so. I wanted to give you a message for Percy. It's about my informant."

"As I recall, you told Amanda you have dozens of informants. Give me a name to work with."

"I have hundreds, actually, but more to the point, nice try. However, this one was the mole on the inside, and he was fatally wounded last I saw him. Tom."

"What's the message?"

"Tell Percy I'm remembering Tom. Tell him I have a long memory, and plenty of lists if I happen to forget. Tell him I'm not backing down, and I'm not afraid to play dirty."

"Nikita . . . "

"Tell him, Michael. I intend to win this. He can't make me stop doing what's right."

"If you're so concerned about young Division agents, maybe you should reconsider. There are other ways to do this."

"Nothing I can live with. Besides, I've been thinking about it and I really can't expect everyone at Division will want to be freed, or adapt well to society. Maybe it's best some go down fighting for the cause."

"We're not a dog-fighting club, Nikita, we protect society. Every person in Division has some humanity that I know you can appreciate."

"Doesn't matter when you've spent years acting like an animal."

"I'm not Percy's dog. If you want him to hear it, call him yourself!"

An abrupt disconnect, then keys tapping quickly.

"I got the trace, Alex. I'm going to track down what they're up to - I just wish you could hear what I'm saying. I'm still out here. I know you're still in there. I'm not forgetting."
Jan. 26th, 2011 01:13 am (UTC)
Re: Nikita, Nikita/Michael, "You have to stop calling me."
I love your Nikita and Michael voices. I can really hear them saying this, Nikita being so flippant and Michael with his own, more obvious brand of seriousness. This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for writing!


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