Kat (entropynchaos) wrote in comment_fic,

Tuesday - Dark day!

Good morning...or afternoon/evening/night, I guess, depending on where in the world you are! ^_~

It's Tuesday, and that means that it's DARK DAY!

That's right. Today your theme is dark fic. Perhaps there's a mirror-verse thing going on or maybe a little Bonnie&Clyde/Gaga&Beyonce crime spree. Maybe your characters are in prison or like to play on the dark side in the bedroom.

And, yes, this does mean that there might be a little non-con/dub-con stuff going on (among other things). Not everyone likes these things, so maybe throw in a warning or two at the top of your responses if you think your fic might press a little too heavily on someone's trigger.

That said, though, there's a whole heap of ideas just waiting to be imagined...but remember, there's still those very important rules!
- No more than five prompts in a row, and no more than three per fandom. Remember, as soon as someone takes on one of your prompts, you can post another.
- No spoilers in your prompts for at least seven days after first air-date/release date; if there are spoilers in your fic, warn in bold in the subject line and leave at least three spaces.
- And please, please be kind to our codemonkeys because their job's difficult enough as is, and format your prompts correctly, like so:

Fandom, Pairing, Prompt

Glee, Kurt/Puck, boys in prison


Fandom 1/Fandom 2, Character 1/Character 2, Prompt

Myron Bolitar series/Anita Blake, Win/Nathaniel, pushing to the limit

Happy prompting!


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