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Thursday - crack!day

Hey y'all, it's my last day here as your guest hostess - thanks fr making it such a pleasurable time ;)

Today's theme is crack.

Not the drug, crack-cocaine, but things in fic where the only way to explain how something so silly got written to someone out of fandom, is that you must've been in something to think of it. (Anyone got a better explantion, email me ;) )

Doesn't matter what fandom or pairing you choose, so long as the prompt is well, crackalicious! i.e. out there, weird, odd, not the norm.

Please make things easier for the codemonkeys and their pinch-hitters, and code your prompts correctly:

~ SGA; John/Rodney; we're both men, so how come there's 4 breats, 2 vaginas and 0 cocks in the room?!
~ BtVS; Willow/Tara; uh, help! *looks at wings and tail, passes out*
~ Leverage; Eliot/Alec; no, this cannot be happening! I'm a guy so I'm.not.pregnant!!!

Also, please make sure that you only have one prompt per comment as it makes it easier for everyone and gives you more chance of getting a fic in return for leaving the prompt :)

You can leave and answer as many prompts as you want to, or even write your own. If you don't see anything you fancy writing from the prompts left today, feel free to head on over to the Lonely Prompts page and see what takes your fancy from them ;)

You ready? Go forth and have FUN!

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