January 8th, 2009

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Indexes and Lonely Prompts

Want to go back and read past prompts? Not feeling inspired by today's prompts and want to try a hand at some unanswered ones? Follow the links below, courtesy your friendly neighborhood Code Monkeys!

(The old archives of completed prompt indexes are listed here after the Delicious listings. To view the completed prompts listing at the new archives, go here. For the lonely prompts listing, go here.)

All our current archiving can be found at our Delicious account. If you're having problems using it, please take a peek at our FAQ, and then if you still need help feel free to contact havenward or our current Code Monkey Queen, camshaft22.

When at the Delicious page, if a tag has been abbreviated, when you hover your mouse over the tags in the listing in the right hand sidebar, it will display the whole tag. At times we have utilized acronyms to represent a fandom. Below you can see a working list of fandom acronyms that we're using. If there's a common acronym your fandom uses (not just personal to you, please) that you think will help, please let me know!

AMC = All My Children
ATS = Angel the Series
ATWT = As the World Turns
Bab5 = Babylon 5
BSG = Battlestar Galactica
BtVS = Buffy the Vampire Slayer
CDP = Cable Deadpool
DCU = DC Comics Universe
FFVII = Final Fantasy VII
FFIV = Final Fantasy IV
FFVI = Final Fantasy VI
FFX = Final Fantasy X
FNL = Friday Night Lights
FotC = Flight of the Concords
HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother
HP = Harry Potter
IwtV = Interview With The Vampire
JP3 = Jurassic Park 3
KKBB = Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
LotR = Lord of the Rings
Mag7 = Magnificent Seven
MBV = My Bloody Valentine
OTH = One Tree Hill
PotC = Pirates of the Caribbean
QAF = Queer as Folk
Repo = Repo! The Genetic Opera
SGA = Stargate: Atlantis
SG1 = Stargate: SG1
SLotAT = Secret Life of the American Teenager
SoA = Sons of Anarchy
SPN = Supernatural
TSCC = Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, at this time we cannot provide a comprehensive list of tags. Instead we can provide links to various Genre tag bundles, and you can select a fandom tag from the side bar on the right.

You can also view tags by Theme.

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