February 10th, 2009

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Guest Host Volunteers Look Here

Who wants to be a Guest Host?

This is the official post for people volunteering to Guest Host comment_fic weekly, from your calendar mistress monica_catch22.

We are looking for people who are willing to play host to the fic/porn for a week (Monday through Thursday). The guest host will be responsible for choosing the day's theme (het, slash, threesomes, dopplegangers, a specific fandom, RPS...really anything and everything, limited only by YOUR imagination). The guest host will also be responsible for posting the day's post with the theme and any additional information as necessary.
The day's post can be posted anytime after midnight, but preferably before 9am (PST) so that people have all day to play. There is no need for the host to know html or any special stuff. We provide all of the important links in the sidebar (for indexes, lonely prompts lists, award lists, calendar of hosts, etc) so that none of that needs to be coded into your post, but if you feel inspired to do so, you can.

You will get email reminders from me, the Calendar Monkey, to help you along. We just need you to tell us when you want to host and if you have an idea of what themes you plan to post (just so we can space things out and not end up with a bunch of similar themes in a row).

If you would like to be a guest host, comment here in the following format:
Guest Host , dates, themes (if you have an idea of what themes you will use)
Example: Guest Host monica_catch22 Jan 12-Jan16, SPN, RPS, Het, 3Somes, Crack

Please include your email with your comment, or at least in your message to me.  We want to avoid any miscommunication or having to take over someone's day on account of them not receiving a LJ message.

Any potential guest hosts please leave a comment here PLUS contact me using either my email or a LJ message. My email is monica . catcher (at) gmail.com

Update:   I  am deleting posts prior to February 27, 2010, that are on the calendar for clean-up purposes :)  
chucks thought in yellow

Tuesday - Angels & Demons

Hey guys! I'm just pinch hitting for today (don't mean to step on your toes, justapieceofme, but we needed something up!) so I'm stealing a good idea from the original month of comment porn.

So the theme for today is Angels & Demons. This can be literal, utilizing characters that are actually (or have been made into actual) angels and demons. It can be a step sideways, where a character has wings, or horns and a tail. Have something more metaphorical? Go for it!

When leaving prompts, please remember to be kind to your friendly neighborhood Code Monkeys and format your prompts appropriately!

RPS, winged!Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, fingertips

Supernatural/Leverage, demon!Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer, a dark alley

Nothing piquing your interest? Please check out the list of Lonely Prompts! (And remember boys and girls, this weekend will be the first Lonely Prompts contest, so stay tuned!)