February 26th, 2009

'Allo Wormy

Thursday - RPS day

It's RPS/F day!

Choose any type of RPS/F - Lord of the Rings, Kane, CW, Leverage... - and then choose a pairing and a prompt.

Please code your prompts correctly, though, and please only leave one prompt per comment. Your talented codemonkeys do have a hell of a job to do. Please leave your prompts like this:

--Kane RPS, Chris/Steve, possessive
--CWRPS/Lotrips, JDM/Karl Urban, good boy

You can leave as many prompts as you want, answer as many as you want - and more than one person can answer a prompt. You can even write your own!
However, if you don't see anything you'd fancy writing from today, please, head on over to the Lonely Prompts page and see what you can give a home to over there.

Have fun!
chucks thought in yellow

Request for help: people to pinch hit as Code Monkeys

Hey everybody! I know y'all heard from me not long ago looking for a permanent Code Monkey, but my request today is a little bit different. I need people who are willing to jump in when something happens to one of our friendly neighborhood Code Monkeys last minute.

Before you jump in and say yes - there's a couple things I want you to be aware of:
- Coding is easy (just a straightforward copy paste prompt/link) but it does take time. If a day is popular, you might have 4-6 pages of comments to sort through and enter into the various Indexes.
- I will contact you as early in the day as possible by email, however sometimes that might not be til sometime in the afternoon. We can be flexible about what that means for getting the coding done, but optimally I'm hoping that coding would still get done that day so it doesn't interfere with the regular Code Monkey that's supposed to be coding the next day.
- I'm looking for at least a few people, because I totally understand that life is never as flexible as any of us want it to be, and just because you're willing to help out, doesn't mean that you can on a given day. So if you're interested and willing at all, give me a head's up - you are always free to say no later.

Also, a big thanks to those of you who have pointed out when a day hasn't gotten done - life's been rough on one of our lovelies. Please send her good vibes in the meantime!