March 1st, 2009


Adopt a Lonely Prompt Sunday

Another week is over, a new one begins, and that brings us to the no new prompts portion of the weekend.

Today we encourage you to visit the Index of lonely prompts and give one or more a home. There are hundreds of prompts waiting for someone to give them some love. Every fandom, crossovers, aus, name it, you'll find it.

Looking for some Leverage fun? We've got prompts like: Leverage, Hardison/Parker, FBI agents; Leverage, Eliot/Alec/Parker, this is how we roll; Leverage, Priest!Nate/Eliot, Sins.

How about some Supernatural, where we have prompts like theses languishing: SPN, Dean/Ellen, remember; SPN, Sam/Dean, Mardi Gras; SPN, Harry/Ed, awkward.

We've got Stargate SG-1 & SGA: SG1, Cam/Sam, sweat;Stargate SG-1, Vala Mal Doran/Cameron Mitchell, strap-on; SGA, John/Evan Lorne, alien sex pollen.

None of these tickle your fancy? Well, we have plenty more!

Please visit the entire index to find other fun fandoms.

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Happy Sunday everyone!