March 12th, 2009


Torstai - Three sentence fics

Yesterday was amazing, the most imaginative pairings, people going to hell and even a few fics! Wow. But it will most probably leave the Lonely Prompts in ruins anyway, so today we're going on another direction. This theme is for the writers. Prompters need only to keep in mind that three sentences does not give space for that much.

But three sentences is enough space to have a beginning, a middle and the end. Three sentences can be written in five minutes or half an hour, depending on how obsessed you are on perfection. It can be easy, it can be hard, but at least there is results. And shame on you if you go over or under. Think of it as an exercise.

It is not my fault if you get bitten by raving monkeys or a llama. Prompt once per comment, answer any and as many as you possibly can. You can most certainly write many answers to one prompt if you get the lust to.

-Watchmen, Rorschach/Comedian, No
-Firefly/Star Trek, Mal/Kirk, Captain

If you need to write something longer, go to the Lonely Prompts. Lots of places to do that there.

Anyway, thanks for bearing with me this week! It was wild ♥