March 28th, 2009


Saturday Adopt a Lonely Prompt Day

Morning folks!

Sorry for the two late days in a row. Today is Saturday, which means it's lonely prompt day!

But, to shake things up a little, let's make today a "seconding" day. As was suggested during the poll, go find a lonely prompt or two and second them.

Please comment with the original prompt and original prompter, and a link to the original prompt. Just click on the "link" link under the comment, copy the URL and paste it in.

When you write the seconded prompt, please post it on the original post, not today's.

Sound like fun?

The contest continues through tonight at midnight (Pacific time). It may take your mods some time to sort out the counting and such, but we'll get back to you on who won as soon as we can.

Go forth and write!