April 4th, 2009


Saturday Adopt a Lonely Prompt Day

Here we are, back to the weekend. Today is an adopt a lonely prompt day. No new prompts today.

Instead we encourage you to visit our many indexes of lonely prompts and write one, two, twenty of those. There are lonely prompts in every fandom, so head on over and find a few!

Lonely Prompt Indexes:

Still more RPS
Stargate SG1/SGA
Sci Fi Stuff
Cops/Law/Spy Stuff
Crossovers More (SPN & Leverage)
Misc. other prompts

Lots and Lots of lonely prompts waiting for love! Happy Saturday ya'll!
chucks thought in yellow

Completed Prompts and Graphics Request

Hey guys! Happy Saturday!

I've finally heard back from the layout monkey, and our new journal width is going to be 950px. So if you're graphically inclinded, and would like to help out, feel free to make us a header! They'll be subject to modly review before they go up, of course.

The specs:
-must include the phrase "Bite Sized Bits of Fic" and can include the phrase "New prompts daily to whet your appetite!"
-content can be fandom oriented or utilize stock imagery
-content can be sensual as long as it is tasteful

Simply PM me the URL for your image, or email me the image as an attachment. If you're image is used, you will receive credit on the profile page for the community, and the image will be uploaded to my FTP server to be used as part of the rotating headers.

Also, if you're interested in making a banner as well as/instead of a header, see here!

Now, I'm a bit behind on this, in part from the contest and in part from stuff in real life, but below the cut are the completed Lonely Prompts for the contest period and just before/after. Take a peek and check out the awesome writing!

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Sorry for the edits, lovelies. I hit post instead of preview!