April 10th, 2009

jensen ackles damn those eyes

Friday: Free For All

Hey guys! The weekend has all but officially begun. And you know what that means? That's right! Any fandom, any pairing or grouping, and any prompt are welcome!

But please be sure to format your prompts appropriately for the sake of your friendly neighborhood Code Monkeys! For example:

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "I always wanted to be in a comic book"


AtS/Leverage, Angel/Eliot Spencer, "no human should be able to do that"

Not seeing any prompts that just reach out and grab you? Try checking out our collection of Lonely Prompts. We've got a little of everything, hopefully we've got something for you!

Speaking of Lonely Prompts, this weekend will be another Lonely Prompt Challenge. It will run from 0:00 PST Saturday to 23:59 PST Sunday. But we're going to tweak things just a little bit, so please make sure to read the challenge post tomorrow.

And with that, happy writing everybody. And have a great Friday!