May 3rd, 2009


Lonely Prompts Challenge Day 2

DAY TWO! Okay, guys, we didn't have a lot of prompts yesterday so let's see if we can knock out some more today.  Here's the rules and details again, as a reminder: 

Each day we'll highlight a specific index or indexes for you to glance through and find prompts to adopt.

Challenge runs from 00:00 May 2 through 23:59 May 7th. There will be individual prizes each day, and a grand prize at the end of the week. Grand Prize will be 2 months paid LJ time, unless the person with the most prompts answered at the end of the week has answered 90 or more. Then the prize jumps to 6 months of paid time.

In order for your comment fic to be counted, you will need to respond to that day's post with links to what you've written. Try to post them all in a single comment to make it easier on your mods who have to count all of this.

If we refrain from commenting on other people's prompts we can simply edit our comments throughout the day to add new links (click on the little pencil icon at the bottom of your comment).

Please try to format your links with the following information:

Fandom, Pairing, Prompt, Link (just paste in the URL)

PLEASE do not make the above a link; we just need the information with the link at the end.

Today's Theme/Highlighted Index is: Cross-Overs.

See here for the regular crossovers and here for the Supernatural and Leverage ones.

Just a reminder - any prompts NOT added to this post or that are not from one of the two indexes stated above will not be counted for the contest

Plus any prompts can be written, not just the day's themed prompts. Non-themed prompts will count toward the week grand total, but not the day's.

On your mark... get set... GO!