June 12th, 2009


Friday Free For All

Well, here it is Friday again...and you know what that means! Free For All Friday!

That's right, today your only restrictions are to respect the quantity rules: no more than 3 prompts per prompter per fandom, no more than 5 in a row. Please spread your prompts out over the day, give everyone a chance to play.

Be nice to our hardworking code monkeys, they are the ones who make it possible to index all of your writing and all of the lonely prompts. Without them we'd all be stumbling around in the dark!

Please make your prompt in the following format, and try not to leave a long, rambling prompt.

RPS, Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Chris Kane, a map of bruises
SPN/Leverage, Dean/Eliot/Sam, guns, knives and other weapons of choice

So then, go forth and have fun. Prompt, write...and remember our Lonely Prompts